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The control panel consists of the joystick, the touchpad, an LED ring, and multiple buttons and status indicators. A smartphone holder is also available, which ensures that the installed apps are displayed clearly. Figure 27, “Control panel displays the control panel components:

  1. Joystick

  2. Standby button (standby/reset/emergency stop)

  3. Menu button

  4. Touchpad

  5. Battery level indicator

  6. LED ring

  7. Smartphone holder

  8. USB-C charging socket

  9. Standby jack connector (for buddy buttons)

  10. Menu jack connector (for buddy buttons)

A number of different icons may light up on the control panel. Figure 28, “All available icons and indicators displays all of the icons:

  1. Drive mode icon

  2. Speed level icon

  3. Error indicator 1

  4. Error indicator 2

  5. Car passenger mode icon

  6. Error indicator 3

  7. Stair mode icon

  8. Track mode icon

  9. (This has no function for now)

  10. Elevate mode icon

  11. Park mode icon

  12. Warning/information indicator

  13. Standby button/icon

  14. Menu button/icon

  15. Maintenance warning light (will be enabled in a future software update)

  16. Battery level indicator

All available icons and indicators
Figure 28. All available icons and indicators