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Control Panel

With the control panel, the wheelchair can be turned on and off, and various modes and functions can be selected. The following sections will explain how you can switch between different driving modes and settings, as well as some prompts for when you need to do something with the joystick.

The control panel can also display a variety of errors and warnings. These are described in the relevant sections. See also Error Messages.

Do not lean on the control panels

Never lean on the control panel. It could break off and you could injure yourself.

The following principles were adhered to in the design of the control panel:

  • The LED ring always lights up in a specific colour for each mode. See Overview of Operating Modes.

  • Only those modes that are currently available are displayed as an icon.

  • Red icon: Error or urgent warning

  • Orange icon: Warning or action by the user required

  • Actuators (e.g. seat lift) move over longer distances only as long as the user has deflected the joystick. This way, the user can stop the movement at any time in case of a jammed component or body part.

  • The standby button stops the movement of any motor at any time and can also be used as an emergency stop in drive mode.