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Intended Purpose

The product may only be used after the training and passing of the examination

Before using the wheelchair, it is mandatory to attend a test drive and training, followed by an exam conducted by trained personnel.  This allows to rule out possible problems that may occur in operating the wheelchair due to user limitations.

Stair-climbing device with increased risk compared to a conventional wheelchair

Scewo BRO is a stair-climbing wheelchair. The stair-climbing function entails an inherently increased hazard and requires the user to possess a degree of supplementary knowledge and skills (see below). Please keep this in mind and only use the device if you meet all the requirements and agree with them.

The Scewo BRO wheelchair is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It drives on two wheels in a self-balancing manner and can climb straight stairs. The tracks have been designed to climb stairs and are for use on solid ground only. Using the wheelchair in environments with loose objects (e.g. forest floor, gravel paths, sand) may cause additional wear and tear or cause the wheelchair to slip.

The wheelchair can be used by people both with and without physical disabilities. It may only transport one person (user/occupant). Scewo BRO is exclusively approved for persons who have received and successfully completed training provided by Scewo or an official reseller. This means that if the owner changes, the training must be repeated by the new owner. Steering is performed exclusively by the user using a joystick. The user must be cognitively and physically able to operate this power wheelchair including its control panel.