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Premature Detection of the End of Stairs

Premature detection of the end of stairs in the middle of the stairs
Figure 65. Premature detection of the end of stairs in the middle of the stairs

It is possible that the sensors detect the end of the stairs prematurely causing the support system to extend while you are still on the stairs.(Fig. 5.22 [78]). If you continue to ascend, the sensors detect that another step is approaching and will retract the support system automatically. You will be notified on the control panel and on the app accordingly (see Figure 66, “Automatic detection of another step). In case this is an error and the support system retracts again by mistake, you can manually trigger the end of the stairs and continue.

Automatic detection of another step
Automatic detection of another step
Figure 66. Automatic detection of another step

If this automatic detection of another step fails, you won't be able to continue climbing the stairs as the support system will be stuck at the next step causing the tracks to spin. Proceed as follows to resolve this situation (override sensor):

  1. Push the joystick forward again → The support system will retract and the wheelchair will descend slightly.

  2. After moving forward slightly, the wheelchair will stop automatically and an audible signal will be  played. The LED ring on the control panel displays two orange arrow animations (forward and backward). Move the joystick in the respective direction to do the following:

    • Pull joystick to the back - override the sensor: The wheelchair continues to climb up the stairs without triggering the transition. The previous end of the stairs detection is deleted. After a few seconds the end-of-stair detection restarts and it will be recalculated.

    • Push the joystick forwards: descend stairs. The previously detected end of the stairs will be saved in case you would need to go climb back up again.

Override sensors carefully

If you pull the joystick to the back after stopping briefly, the previously detected end of stairs will be deleted. This situation is particularly dangerous if the transition was detected correctly but you wanted to descend the stairs for a short distance and then climb back up again. You could topple over backwards if you fail to trigger the transition manually on time.