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Powering On

  1. Make sure the main switch at the back is set to the “on” position.

  2. Press the standby button on the control panel. The wheelchair starts up (LED ring rotates).

  3. Once the wheelchair is ready for use, the LED ring will light up in green. You are now in park mode. For more information, see Park Mode.

Wheelchair will not power on

If the wheelchair cannot be switched on using the standby button after a long period of standstill, the battery is probably in "deep sleep" mode. Turn off the main switch for at least 20 seconds and try again.

Check power-on sound

The wheelchair emits a chime when it is powered on. If this does not happen, the loudspeaker may be damaged. Take the Scewo BRO to maintenance so that the loudspeaker can be checked. The loudspeaker is important in order to warn you acoustically of any hazards.