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Park Mode

 The wheelchair is powered on and off while in park mode. The wheelchair is stabilised by the main wheels, the support system and the tracks at the front. This mode must always be used when getting in and out of the wheelchair (transfer). When park mode is activated, the joystick can be used to move slowly backwards and forwards. To do this, the wheels lift slightly off the ground.

  • Release: stopping the wheelchair and all auxiliary motors

  • Pull the joystick: Drive backwards (slowly)

  • Push the joystick forward: Drive forwards (slowly)

  • Left/right: If the wheelchair was previously driving slowly in park mode, this lowers the wheels back to the ground

Do not descend steps on the support system

Never descend (even shallow) steps and stairs with the support system extended in park mode! The support system could break due to the violent impact and you could topple backwards and injure yourself. Use track mode or drive mode.

Never get in or out of the wheelchair while in drive mode

Always use park mode to get in or out of the wheelchair. The weight shifts that occur when getting in and out of the wheelchair when it is in drive mode could cause it to move uncontrollably and may cause injury to you or bystanders.

Never drive over gaps in park mode

If you drive over gaps in park mode, it might happen that the support system falls into the gap. As a consequence, you are stuck because the support system gets caught in the gap. This can be dangerous if you want to board a train and then get stuck at the gap between the train and the platform.

Driving in park mode on steep inclines is not permitted

From a certain incline or lateral slope, driving in park mode is only possible forwards and downhill. Otherwise, moving the joystick forward or pulling it back will have no effect on the Scewo BRO.

Park mode

(a) Side view

Park mode

(b) Display on control panel

Figure 43. Park mode