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Releasing the Main Brake

Only release this brake in an emergency and when the wheelchair is powered off

The brake release button must never be operated when the wheelchair is powered on. Involuntary movements could result in accidents, especially on stairs.

Limited runtime of manual brake release

The manual release is powered by a separate battery, so it will work for a limited time even if the main battery is dead. This backup battery will be exhausted after approx. 20-30 minutes and the brakes will lock automatically. Charge the main battery of the Scewo BRO first, so that the backup battery can recharge as well.

During normal operation, the electromechanical brakes are automatically released or applied by the wheelchair’s electronics. This automatic feature must be manually overridden for the push mode to work. For this purpose, there is a button (labelled “Brake Release”) at the back of the wheelchair beside the main switch with which the brake can be released manually. While the button is pressed, the main motors’ brakes unlock and both the wheels and the tracks can be rotated by hand. When the button is released, the brakes are applied again automatically and any movement comes to an abrupt stop. Proceed as follows to release the brake:

  1. Power the wheelchair off at the main switch at the back

  2. Press the “Brake Release” button