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Charging the Battery

You can see the battery charge level on the control panel (see Battery Level). Follow the instructions below to extend the battery life (lithium-ion batteries):

  • Do not wait for the battery to be completely empty until you recharge it. This further damages the battery. The ideal charge level is between 30-75%.

  • Only fully charge the battery when necessary. Especially if the wheelchair is to be stored for a longer period of time, it is worth interrupting the charging process (by unplugging the charging cable from the wheelchair) when the charge level is approx. 70%.

  • Do not expose the battery to unnecessary heat. Heat accelerates the ageing process of the battery.

Never use a different charger

Only use original Scewo chargers and do not modify them in any way. The wrong charger could destroy the battery and cause a fire.

Do not go down a hill or a flight of stairs immediately after the battery has been fully charged

When descending a slope, the motors function as generators (recuperation). You may overcharge the battery when descending over a long distance, especially if the battery has just been fully charged. To protect the battery from overcharging, the BRO will stop and switch to park mode automatically. The battery indicator briefly flashes in red (see Error Messages). You then have to either switch to track mode to be able to continue your descent or change the route so that you do not continue descending.

Charge only while supervising

Only charge the battery under supervision and never while you are asleep.

Ensure that there is sufficient battery charge

Care should be taken to ensure that the batteries are sufficiently charged before setting off. You should not venture into remote locations if your battery is low.

Replace damaged batteries

If your battery shows signs of mechanical damage (e.g. a dent in the casing, defective plug or cable), stop using Scewo BRO and have the battery replaced immediately by an official reseller.

Only charge the battery in a dry environment

Only charge the battery indoors and in a dust-free, dry environment. Water could damage the charger.

Do not transport the charger with Scewo BRO

The charger is not designed to be transported with Scewo BRO. The charger could be damaged by vibrations and other environmental conditions.

The wheelchair charging socket is on the left side. This is how you charge the battery:

  1. Turn off the wheelchair and get out of the wheelchair. Ideally, you should switch the BRO’s main switch to “off” (less power consumption).

  2. Read the separate operating instructions for the charger and familiarise yourself with them.

  3. Plug the battery charger into the wall outlet.

  4. Turn the charger on.

  5. Insert the charger plug into the battery charging socket and make sure that the charging process has started.

  6. When charging is complete, the LED on the battery charger will light up in green.