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Emergency Shutdown

Only use the emergency shutdown in an emergency

Remember that the emergency stop is very jerky and you may fall out of the wheelchair if the pelvic belt is not fastened. The wheelchair will tip forward onto its tracks and you may need assistance to continue.

In drive mode, the wheelchair monitors various parameters that are essential for safe operation. If the software detects a critical parameter, the emergency shutdown is triggered automatically. The emergency shutdown can also be triggered at any time by the user by pressing the standby button. When you perform an emergency shutdown, the following happens:

  1. The wheelchair will shortly recline to the maximum possible angle in order to brake as hard as possible.

  2. The tracks and support system simultaneously begin to extend slowly to minimise the tipping angle during shut down.

  3. The balancing mechanism is switched off and the wheelchair tips forward onto its tracks.

  4. Depending on the speed, the wheelchair may slide on the tracks for a short distance before coming to a standstill.

  5. The wheelchair automatically switches to standby mode.