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Track Mode

The tracks can also be used on level ground to overcome obstacles that are not suitable for drive mode. Particularly in the following situations track mode should be used :

  • Steep ramps  (slopes or inclines)  

  • For ascending curbs or single steps that cannot be overcome in stair mode (see section  Single Steps)

  • For approaching stairs from the bottom that have a very low bottom step and the start of the stairs is not correctly detected in stair mode (see section Stairs which must be climbed with caution)

Never approach a stair or step from above in track mode

Never approach the top edge of a stair or a step from above in track mode. Scewo BRO may not reliably detect the beginning of the stairs, and you could fall down the stairs. Always use the stair mode for ascending or descending stairs.

The user must always trigger the upper end of the ramp or step

Just like on stairs, when approaching the end of a steep ramp or step, the user must trigger the transition to the top of the stairs themselves. In certain situations, the sensors that can detect the end of the stairs are not always reliable or are deactivated. They were designed to be an auxiliary system only. Therefore, you must ensure at each ramp or step end that the support system are correctly extended and manually trigger the transition if necessary (see Figure 55, “When the edge of the top step aligns with the middle of the wheel axle, as seen from above, the transition to the upper level has to be triggered manually at the latest!).

Always use track mode to ascend slopes in reverse and face forward when descending

Never drive up an incline facing forward or descend a slope in reverse in track mode. The center of gravity of the device is relatively far back in this mode and you could topple over backwards if you fail to follow this instruction.

Do not use tracks on loose ground

Do not use track mode to operate the wheelchair on loose ground (e.g. sand, gravel or forest floor). Dirt and debris will build up in the tracks and result in significantly increased wear and tear!