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Stair Mode

The stair mode is used to overcome stairs and other obstacles such as curbs. In stair mode stairs are always ascended backwards and descended forwards. When the stair mode is active, the LED ring on the control panel lights up in purple. Figure 50, “Stair climbing process shows the different phases of the stair climbing process.

Stair climbing process
Figure 50. Stair climbing process

Only drive stairs that are suitable for BRO

Before climbing stairs, always check if the stairs are suitable for BRO. See in particular the section  Unsuitable Stairs to find out which stairs are not allowed to be climbed. Climbing unsuitable stairs may result in serious injuries and even death.

Never lean forward or stand up in stair mode

Never lean forward and do not attempt to stand up or get out of the wheelchair when you are in stair mode. There is a risk that the wheelchair could tip forward and fall down the stairs or that you could slip while getting out of the wheelchair.

Check the condition of the tracks

The condition and cleanliness of the tracks are essential for the wheelchair to function safely on stairs. If the tracks are dirty, oily, or wet, you need to clean them with water and a mild detergent before letting them dry. If the tracks are worn down, you need to have them replaced promptly by a Scewo reseller.

Avoid climbing stairs when the battery is low

If the battery level is low (battery indicator flashes in red), you should no longer attempt to climb stairs in order to avoid getting stuck unintentionally. Stair mode is always available, therefore you can climb stairs until the battery is fully depleted. However, be aware that the wheelchair will then come to a stop on the stairs and you will have to be evacuated. If possible, it’s preferable to go down stairs when the battery level is low, as no power is used during descent.

Only use stair mode when you are on stairs

Never switch to another mode when you are on stairs, even if this may be possible due to an error in the system/software. Always select stair mode.

Tips for climbing stairs

  1. If possible climb wide stairs close to one of the two walls. This allows pedestrians to move past you unhindered.

  2. If you are uncertain if the stairs are steeper than the maximum permissible angle, you can measure the inclination using suitable smartphone apps.  If you are unsure whether the stairs are steeper than the maximum permissible angle, do not climb them.