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Calibrating the Center of Gravity

The occupant’s center of gravity while seated is a very important parameter for the drive mode and needs to be calibrated in the software.

Seat settings are saved simultaneously

The electrical seat settings (e.g. angle of the back support) are relevant for the center of gravity. That is why these settings are saved along with the center of gravity and are automatically reset to the most recently saved parameters when drive mode is activated.

Initial calibration of the center of gravity with the help of an assistant

The wheelchair can jolt strongly during the initial (first) calibration. Therefore, during the initial calibration you should ask someone to help you and to stabilise it if necessary.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Ensure that you are positioned on level ground. The center of gravity cannot be calibrated on a slope.

  2. Make sure the ground is firm (no gravel, grass or similar).

  3. Switch to drive mode. If this cannot be done because of a significant change in the center of gravity, ask someone to hold and stabilise the wheelchair firmly using the back support. Once drive mode has started properly, they can carefully let go of the back support so that the chair can find its balance (wheelchair moves slightly forwards or backwards before coming to a stop).

  4. Keep the joystick in the center the entire time and remain seated in the wheelchair in the same relaxed way as you would normally. Be sure to lean against the back support.

  5. Once the wheelchair has found its balance, press the menu button three times in quick succession. The wheelchair will respond as follows:

    1. LED ring lights up briefly in green: Centre of gravity has been calibrated successfully

    2. LED ring lights up briefly in red: Centre of gravity could not be calibrated. Please try again. The app will provide a more detailed error message.

  6. Check that the LED ring has lit up briefly in green. The center of gravity has now been calibrated successfully.

Possible causes of an error during calibration

  1. Center of gravity is much too far to the front/back (the wheelchair has to tilt forward or back significantly in order to come to a standstill): Adjust the center of gravity, e.g. by adjusting the angle of the back support, removing heavy items from the backpack, adjusting the seat depth.

  2. Wheelchair is not standing still

  3. Uneven ground: the calibration can only be carried out on a level surface.

  4. System error