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Braking Behavior Setting

Fast-Brake setting affects braking

If you deactivate the fast-brake setting in the app, BRO brakes more slowly when you release the joystick. Therefore, always be aware of the current setting on your BRO to better anticipate its braking behavior. This prevents collisions with people or objects.

The braking behavior depends on your chosen “Fast Brake” setting, which can be changed in the app. “Fast Brake” is activated by default. “Fast Brake” can be deactivated for smoother braking. Scewo recommends deactivating “Fast Brake” for people who are not at increased risk of the joystick slipping out of their hands while driving.

  • Left/Right: Direction control

  • Push the joystick forward: drive forward

  • Release:

    • Fast Brake on (standard): Initiate emergency brake, see Emergency Brake

    • Fast-Brake off: Wheelchair rolls out and to a stop (normal braking)

  • Pulling the joystick backwards

    • Fast Brake on (standard): Trigger emergency brake

    • Fast-Brake off: Trigger emergency brake