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Cup Holder “Drink Dock” (Accessory)

A drink holder can also be attached. Mounting the drink dock is possible on the left or right side.

Cup holder "Drink Dock"
Figure 26. Cup holder "Drink Dock"

Careful with hot liquids!

Very hot liquids (e.g. boiling water, hot tea, etc.) can deform the material or cause burns if they spill over.

Do not lean on cup holder!

Do not lean on the cup holder as it could break due to the high forces.

Avoid spilling

In stair mode or on uneven terrain, there is a risk of the drink spilling over the edge. Make sure the container is covered with a lid or that there is enough clearance at the top.

Placing Drinks in the Drink Dock

There are two clamps in the “Drink Dock” that serve to stabilize the drink. The drink is clamped between these clamps. When inserted from above, the shape of the clamps automatically adapts to the drink.

It is also possible to keep a wine glass in the drink dock. To do this, the stem of the wine glass must be passed through the slot in the bottom of the drink dock and the upper part of the glass must be placed on top of the clamps.

Attach/Remove the Drink Dock


Loosen the two screws on the desired arm support.



Slide the cup holder backwards into the existing slots until it is completely locked into place. The hole for the screws must be completely enclosed by the “Drink Dock” attachment.



Reinsert the screws and tighten them by hand.

Table 4. Attach/remove the Drink Dock

Repairing Deformation of Clamps

In order to bring deformed clamps in the Drink Dock back into shape (e.g. due to drinks that are too hot), you can fix them in the desired position (for example by clamping an object between the clamps and the inner wall of the Drink Dock) and then place it in a hot water bath for 5-10 minutes.