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Magnetic Smartphone Holder “Magic Mount” (Accessory)

To make attaching and removing the smartphone as easy as possible, an optional magnetic smartphone holder can be purchased. It replaces the standard holder which uses a mechanical lock and is mounted directly on the control panel.

Please note that you need a corresponding magnetic case/adapter for your smartphone in order to use this holder. You can find such cases in smartphone accessory stores.

Note: In the event of strong impacts, the magnetic forces may be too small and your smartphone may fall off the holder. We therefore recommend using a sturdy case and removing the smartphone or using the standard holder with mechanical locking when driving on terrain where strong impacts are expected. Scewo assumes no liability for damage to the smartphone!

Magnetic smartphone holder
Figure 24. Magnetic smartphone holder

Warning for people with a pacemaker

Magnets can affect the function of pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. As a wearer of such devices, keep the distance recommended by the manufacturer to the magnets on the parts marked with this sticker.

Warning sticker “Caution Magnets”
Figure 25. Warning sticker “Caution Magnets”