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BRO-Backpack and Valuables Pouch

Maximum weight in the BRO backpack

Make sure that the total weight in the backpack does not exceed 10 kg. If you use BRO as a passenger while traveling in a vehicle, reduce the weight of the load in the backpack to 4 kg. The items in the backpack and your body weight combined must not exceed 120 kg. See the following illustration.

Do not transport fragile items in the backpack

Do not transport any items in the backpack that can break easily. Driving over bumpy terrain can cause product damage due to impact.

A valuables pouch is located under the seat. This means you can keep your valuables close at hand.

A backpack is attached to the back support. It contains enough space to hold your daily essentials.

Maximum weight in the backpack
Figure 7. Maximum weight in the backpack