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Driving on Ramps in Track Mode

Do not trigger the end of the stairs manually on steep ramps or inclines

When you drive up steep ramps or inclines, BRO automatically switches to stair mode. Never manually trigger the end of the stairs in such situations unless you have reached the end of the slope. As soon as the support system would be extended in this case, your BRO will lose traction on the ground and slides down the ramp or incline.

Track mode is ideal for ascending and descending steep ramps. Whenever you are unsure if drive mode can be used on an incline, simply switch to track mode. Note the following points when driving on a ramp in track mode:

  • Always ascend ramps in reverse and descend them facing forward.

  • Make sure that there is enough traction on the ramp, especially if it is wet or covered with ice and snow.

  • The wheelchair automatically switches to stair mode if the slope of the ramp exceeds a certain level. You will then be limited to turn.