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Drive under a table with BRO

With BRO you can sit at different tables effortlessly. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Approach the table and switch to park mode well in advance of the table (at least 30 cm).

  2. Open the menu and select the elevate mode.

  3. Push the joystick forward to lower your seat height. Ensure that the foot supports do not collide with the ground.

  4. Once you are seated low enough, and your legs fit under the table, open the menu again and select the park mode.

  5. Push the joystick forward to drive under the table.

To move away from the table again, you can reverse the steps shown above. It's important not to switch to drive mode mode while you're under the table, as your seat height slightly increases during the transition between the two modes and you could potentially get hurt. Also note that if you want to move forward or backward in park mode, BRO lifts a few centimeters. Therefore, ensure there is always some distance between your legs and the table.

Be aware of crushing hazard

When adjusting the seat, be careful not to get yourself jammed in anywhere. Particular care should be taken under tables and benches.

Sitting with BRO at the table
Figure 40. Sitting with BRO at the table