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Adjusting the Seat Motors Via the Control Panel

Be aware of crushing hazard

When adjusting the seat, be careful not to get yourself jammed in anywhere. Particular care should be taken under tables and benches.

Depending on the mode, you can adjust the various seat motors using the control panel. In addition to the normal menu where you can switch between the wheelchair’s different operating modes, there is a secondary seat menu for changing the seat motors. The LED ring displays a white segment indicating each of the accessible motors. The currently selected motor is displayed as a green segment, see ???. A motor is shown as an orange segment if it cannot be adjusted in the current mode. This can be seen in ???. Proceed as follows to adjust a seat motor:

  1. Press the menu button for approx. two seconds → Seat menu appears

  2. Push the joystick to the left or right to select the desired seat motor:

    • Back support: Left segment

    • Seat lift: Middle segment

    • Foot support: Right segment

  3. Push the joystick forward or backward to adjust the desired seat motor .

  4. To exit the menu, press the menu button again.

Seat menu in different operating modes

(a) Seat menu in which the motor for adjusting the back support can be selected.

Seat menu in different operating modes

(b) The seat lift motor cannot be adjusted in stair mode.

Figure 38. Seat menu in different operating modes