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The joystick can be adjusted to your needs using various settings. The goal is for the movement of the wheelchair to reflect the user's input into the device,.

The basic settings are made by Scewo or your Scewo reseller upon delivery.

Adjustment of joystick for different needs[a]


The sensitivity of the joystick can be reduced so that small movements of the joystick do not affect the behavior of the wheelchair.

Muscle weakness

Changing the settings can, for example, reduce the effort required to move the joystick out of the neutral position.

Reduced and limited fine motor skills

If limited fine motor skills do not allow movement in one direction or only allow it to a limited extent, the required deflection of the joystick to move the wheelchair in this specific direction can be reduced.

Reduced range of motion

It is possible to define a smaller range of motion for the joystick to operate the wheelchair. This is applicable to specific directions, where the unaffected directions do not need to be changed.


With impaired range of motion and/or increased muscle tone, the strength of the deflection or the zone in which the joystick input results in movement of the wheelchair can be reduced or enlarged.

[a] Settings are adjusted by Scewo or reseller

Table 2. Joystick settings

Adjustment of joystick by user

Turning speed

With this setting the speed of turning can be changed. When the slider is positioned all the way to the left, turning is reduced to minimum speed.

Table 3. Joystick setting adjusted by the user