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Transport of the Wheelchair on an Aircraft

Scewo BRO is approved for transportation as luggage on aircrafts. The lithium-ion battery is an integral part of the wheelchair and cannot be removed. You will have to check in your wheelchair and transfer to a special wheelchair provided by the airline. For this reason, you should contact your airline beforehand to discuss the exact procedure.

See separate quick guide (leaflet) on air transport

You will find Scewo’s recommended and regularly updated procedure for air transport as a separate quick guide available for download in the support section of our website. These instructions for use contain the most important steps only. Ideally, you send the quick guide and the wheelchair’s technical specifications to the airline in advance, so that they will know what to expect.

Always turn off the main switch when wheelchair is inside the aircraft

The main switch must be turned off at all times. This prevents the wheelchair from moving around inside the cargo area, which, in certain circumstances, could cause a fire.

Trolley and adhesive tape required

A small trolley (including wheels with brakes) is very useful to enable the ground crew to move the wheelchair easily. For additional safety, the main switch should be secured against being turned on again by covering it with a wide strip of adhesive tape. Ask your airline if they have a trolley and tape or if you need to provide them yourself.

Prior to dropping the wheelchair off, you should prepare it as follows:

  1. Use the park mode for air transport

  2. Power the wheelchair off completely using the main switch (see Powering Off (Storage and Transport))

  3. Cover the recessed area around the main switch with the adhesive tape so that any objects that fall down cannot accidentally turn it back on.

  4. Ask an assistant to slightly tilt the wheelchair backwards on the support system. A second assistant should position the trolley under the tracks’ crossbar. The wheelchair can now be easily transported on level ground. If necessary, secure the wheelchair to the trolley with a set of lashing straps.

  5. If possible, detach the control panel to avoid damage during transport.

  6. Fold the back support down. If possible, protect the back support from being accidentally unfolded again with a lashing strap (???).

  7. Scewo recommends securing the wheelchair in the aircraft as shown in ???.

Always inform your airline

Airlines have different rules for transporting wheelchairs. Please contact the relevant airline for more information and to ensure that the wheelchair can be transported safely.

Preventing damage to your wheelchair

Wheelchairs are always transported on aircrafts with other items in a confined space. For this reason, it is necessary to take precautionary measures to minimise damage to the wheelchair during transport. Cover the control panel with a soft, shock-absorbing material (foam or similar) or remove it completely. Protect any other components that protrude in a similar way. Fold down components like the back support as much as possible. Tape any loose cables to the seat or covers. We recommend taking some photos of the wheelchair when you drop it off and pick it up so that you can document any damage that may have occurred during transport.