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Adjusting the Position of the Seat Lift

Increased braking distance when the seat lift is extended forward

If you move the seat lift forward, the center of gravity is shifted forward and the braking distance may increase significantly, especially on slopes. For this reason, always move the seat slider back as far as possible before going down a slope.

Always recalibrate the center of gravity after adjusting the seat lift in drive mode

If the seat lift has been adjusted in drive mode, it is absolutely essential that the center of gravity is recalibrated (see Calibrating the Center of Gravity ). Otherwise, this could impair the wheelchair’s driving performance.

Limited adjustment of the seat lift in some operating modes

Depending on the operating mode, you can only adjust the seat lift within a limited range or not at all.

The position of the seat lift can be adjusted forwards or backwards electrically to suit your desired seat height when the wheelchair is in park and drive mode. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Connect to the app and adjust the position of the seat lift via the app (see app instructions).

  2. If you have adjusted the seat lift in drive mode , it is absolutely necessary to recalibrate the center of gravity.!

  3. If you have recalibrated the center of gravity, your preferred seat lift position will also be saved in drive mode and restored to the same position automatically the next time you use it.

You can also adjust the position using the control panel. How this works is outlined in the corresponding section on Adjusting the Seat Motors Via the Control Panel.