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Exiting Drive Mode

Never get in or out of the wheelchair while in drive mode

Always use park mode to get in or out of the wheelchair. The weight shifts that occur when getting in and out of the wheelchair when it is in drive mode could cause it to move uncontrollably and may cause injury to you or bystanders.

Caution on uneven or soft ground

If the ground is uneven, soft or covered with coarse pebbles or other obstacles, the transition may be very jerky and, worst case, the device could tip over (e.g. if one of the wheels of the support system drops into a hole). If possible, avoid exiting drive mode in situations like these, and look for somewhere safer.

Using the standby button as an emergency stop

You can return to park mode by pressing the standby button at all times. However, this is a fast shut-down, so the transition can be quite jerky. For this reason, you should only use this method in an emergency (see Emergency Shutdown)

  1. Select park mode: See Selecting Park Mode

  2. The transition will start automatically and the tracks as well as the support system are extended. If you are on a slope, the wheelchair will try to extend the supports to correspond to the slope angle. Nevertheless, a jolt may occur.