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Single Steps

You can also climb single steps in stair mode, provided they are not higher than specified in the data sheet under “Single step” (see Technical Specifications). Proceed as follows:

Descend a single steps

Keep a safe distance from the start of the stairs, especially if there is a slope

If there is a slope in front of the landing, be aware that the braking distance will be longer – maintain a greater distance from the landing.

Monitor the lower end of the step manually

With high steps, the detection of the bottom of the step does not always work reliably. It may be that the support system is not extended in time and the wheelchair falls down the step with a jerk. You could injure yourself. The high forces can also damage the wheelchair, requiring it to be repaired. Therefore, always check whether the bottom of the step has been correctly recognized. If not, manually activate the park position before the rear (slanted) part of the track slips off the step.

  1. Approach the stairs in drive mode until you have a distance of at least 50 cm to step.

  2. Switch to stair mode → the LED ring will now light up in purple

  3. If stair mode is active, you can push the joystick forward, and the wheelchair will move to the beginning of the step. The wheelchair detects the edge and descends the step on the tracks.

  4. Observe whether the bottom end of the step was detected correctly. If not, you can also trigger the end of the stairs manually and then push the joystick forward (see ???).

  5. Continue driving at the end of the step until the wheelchair is completely on the ground and continue until the tracks no longer touch the step. As soon as the green indicator on the control console disappears, you can switch to drive mode.

  6. If the next step follows immediately (e.g. at an intermediate landing), it is best to cover the short distance on level ground directly in stair mode.

Ascend a single step

Proceed in the same way as with stairs (see Climbing Up Stairs ) and observe whether the upper end of the step was correctly detected.

Use track mode for climbing up a single low step

If climbing up a single, low step in stair mode doesn't work, try doing so in track mode. See section Track Mode.

To climb down a single step always use the Stair mode.

Everyday examples of single steps

You can find examples of different single steps which you might encounter in daily life with additional instructions here Single Steps and Thresholds.