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Technical Specifications



Basic UDI-DI


Wheelchair category in accordance with EN 12184:2014


Weight incl. battery (30Ah battery)

160 kg

Total width

685 mm

Min. occupant weight

40 kg

Max. occupant weight (incl. luggage and additional equipment)

120 kg

Minimum dimensions for transport (back support disassembled , LxWxH)

1000 x 685 x 670 mm

Permissible temperature range (battery temperature)

2 - 43°C

Drive mode

Max. speed

Country-specific: 6 km/h or 10 km/h.[a]

DE: 6 km/h permitted within the area of application of the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO)

Turning diameter (turning on the spot)

1150 mm

Max. gradient (ISO 7176-2)

6° / 10.5 %

Total length

1050 mm

Max. obstacle height (ISO 7176-2)

50 mm

Max. obstacle height at max. speed (ISO 7176-2)

25 mm

Minimum range (measured in actual use), 20 Ah battery

25 km

Minimum range (measured in actual use), 30 Ah battery

35 km

Seat platform height (underside cushion)

600 mm - 630 mm

Stair mode

Stair climber classification (ISO 7176-28)

Typ E (Self-Standing, Stair-climbing chair)

Permissible gradient

20°-36° / 36.4 %-72.6 %

Max. speed (steps/minute)


Max. obstacle height (single step)

200 mm

Spiral staircases

not permitted

Minimum landing size for L-shaped stairs (90° turn)

1150 x 1150 mm

Maximum permissible inclination of the upper or lower landing of a staircase

Minimum width stairs (straight stairs)

760 mm

Minimum number of steps per single charge (20 Ah battery)

> 1000

Static stability downhill (ISO 7176-28)

46° / 103 %

Park mode

Min. length

1005 mm

Static stability uphill (ISO 7176-1)

11° / 17.6 %

Static stability downhill (ISO 7176-1)

35° / 70%

Static stability sideways (ISO 7176-1)

16° / 28 %

Track mode

Min. length

1135 mm

Seat platform height (underside cushion) / tilting

550 - 690 mm / 19°

Max. gradient backwards

25° / 46.6%

Permissible ground surface

Solid ground only (no sand or gravel)

Seat properties

Seat width (plate)

450 mm

Max. seat width cushion

460 mm

Seat depth (from centre of back cushion plate)

385 - 465 mm (adjustable in 20 mm increments)

Max. seat depth cushion

510 mm

Electric seat angle inclination/tilting (in park or track mode only)

-5° to + 19°

Seat lift



Min. total length wheelchair considering seat height

950 mm

1200 mm

Seat platform height (underside cushion)

870 mm

450 mm

Back Support

Height (from seat platform under seat cushion)

630 mm

Electric back support adjustment

15° - 56°

Back cushion compatibility

- Scewo back cushion (screwed into place)

- Sunrise Medical Jay Series (quick-release system)



Weight (incl. arm supports)


Head support



Adjustment options

Height and angle

Lateral head support


Arm supports


365 mm

Joystick length adjustment from center of back cushion

405 - 505 mm

Height (from seat platform under seat cushion)

190 - 310 mm

Distance between arm supports

420 - 500 mm. up to 340 mm possible with adaptation (adjustable in 20 mm increments)

Leg supports

Length (from seat platform under seat cushion)

320 - 420 mm

Electric leg support adjustment (angle, bow to vertical)

16°- 66°

Foot support angle

mechanically adjustable

Foldable foot supports

Yes, individually

Additional features

USB charging socket

1x USB-A + 1x USB-C

Charger plug (wheelchair battery)


Rear view camera


Valuables pouch (in front)


BRO Backpack

Yes, not detachable

Compatible with Permobil rail system to attach additional upholstery to the seat and foot support



Smartphone holder


Control panel with joystick


Diameter shaft for special joystick attachments

Optional, 1/4 inch (6.35 mm)

Control via buddy buttons

Ja, standby und menu (2x jack connector)

Control panel side

Left or right

Swivelling control panel




Battery properties





Nominal voltage

48 V

Capacity (C5)

20 Ah / 30 Ah (optional)

Weight (incl. casing)

7 kg

Maximum charging time (20Ah battery) Capacity (C5)

~5 h

Charger nominal charging current

6 A

Charger nominal voltage

54.6 V DC

Charging cycles

> 1000

Approval for aircraft

Yes, UN 38.3 2017

IATA Wheelchair Classification Code

WCLB (mobility aid with lithium ion batteries)

Tyre properties

Tyre dimension


Wheel type

Motorbike pneumatic tyre with tube

Recommended tire pressure for maximum comfort (cold tires)

min. 1.5 bar / 22 PSI

Recommended tire pressure for maximum range (cold tires)

max. 2.8 bar / 40 PSI

Transport as a passenger in a car

Approved for use as a car seat (ISO 7176-19:2008)


[a] The maximum permissible speed is programmed for each country prior to delivery.

Table 11. Data sheet Scewo BRO